Understanding the basics of Evia!


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Understanding the basics of Evia!

Journey so far 🚌

Evia sprouted amidst the bear market chaos of December 2022, fueled by the audacious goal of making capital efficiency the cool kid on the financial block.

Our journey reads like a choose-your-own-adventure novel—full of twists, turns, and the occasional facepalm-worthy decision. Think of it as sailing in a sea of market unpredictability, where adjusting sails is just as crucial as knowing when to hide the ship's snacks. 🚢

Decisions, both the brilliant and the slightly questionable, are the strokes on our project's canvas. The bright ones acted as rocket fuel, propelling us toward success, while the not-so-shiny ones were like boot camp for the resilience Olympics.

Forget perfection—we're more about the messy art of trial, error, and occasional facepalms. Our story is a patchwork quilt of lessons, stitched together by the thread of adaptability. Pivots and decisions are our chisels, carving out the masterpiece that is our project. We've turned setbacks into product improvement symphonies, proving that even financial mishaps can dance to a better tune.

We also created a fictional story, You can read it here. 👀

Structuring & Phases Approach 🏗️

During our product ideation phase, we strategically adopted a flywheel approach, integrating multiple yield optimization products seamlessly within the same super app to enhance user maneuverability.

Evia's journey is like a sophisticated dance in the cosmic ecosystem. We're not just creating a product; we're composing a symphony of financial finesse. Picture this: a celestial super-app where yield optimization meets user simplicity, making other strategies look like they're playing checkers in a chess world. That's Evia, rewriting the rules of the game.

In this vast Cosmos of tokens, DEXs, B/L platforms, and tools, it's easy to get lost. Evia isn't just a product; it's the financial GPS you never knew you needed. We're here to untangle the chaos and turn it into a well-choreographed ballet of wealth-building strategies.

One of the foundational elements of this product line is an infrastructure arm known as Kitkat (🍫, 🍩), crucial for providing scalable infrastructure for Evia.

Beyond its technical role, Kitkat also serves an economic purpose, as the commission rewards generated can be directed towards Evia users and Kitkat delegators, ensuring a balanced revenue-sharing model between the two. This symbiotic relationship strengthens both Kitkat and Evia, fostering a cohesive ecosystem.

Think of Evia as your financial maestro, conducting auto-compounding vaults in Phase 1 – turning your investments into a harmonious crescendo. In Phase 2, we're tokenizing yields like a rockstar composer creating a chart-topping hit. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Phase 3 introduces Small Cases – because sometimes, big things come in small, yield-packed packages.

So, buckle up and get ready for the lineup.

Learn more about the upcoming phases launch here. 🦾

Loyalty Program - xEVIA 👨🏻‍✈️

In the wild jungle of applications, where every app is vying for your attention like a bunch of overenthusiastic contestants in a reality show, a loyalty program is your secret weapon. It's like the VIP pass that lets your users cut through the chaotic queues of mediocre apps and step into the glittering realm of exclusive perks and rewards. In this epic battle for app supremacy, a loyalty program is the friendly nudge that says, "Hey, stick with us, and we'll make your digital life so fabulous, even your smartphone will high-five you." It's not just about retaining users; it's about turning them into app groupies who wouldn't dream of swiping right on any other application. So, here is our loyalty program. Make sure to check it out.

Token & Airdrop 🌊

The core of our incentivization strategy revolves around the $EVIA token. Although the launch dates are not yet confirmed, we are actively progressing towards the token release in the upcoming weeks or months. Regarding the airdrop, it will be conducted as a fairdrop, prioritizing Cosmos ecosystem stakers and Evia app users.

Make sure to follow our socials to stay up to date with the lineup and timelines.

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